Meemli’s unique learning experiences

What do we offer?

We’re delighted to introduce Meemli and why it might be the right online learning solution for you.

Meemli has created its own safe online learning platform and custom content, developed and delivered by top-notch teachers. We’re excited to offer Meemli Academy to help students find the high-quality support they deserve. And for do-it-yourselfers, we are happy to share our platform, Meemli Learning Spaces! Read on for more details.

Students often need extra help with academic requirements, especially during key transitions like entering high school or preparing to apply to college.To meet this need, Meemli Academy offers small, personalized online courses, with options for live interactions and guidance from real teachers.

How is it better?

Meemli Academy courses and workshops are not limited to just tutoring. They are focused, in-depth learning experiences offering students the best of online learning coupled with proven teaching methods.

and ease

Students can take the classes from anywhere with a good Internet connection and they can select only the courses they need and the schedule that suits them.


In the interactive small group setting teachers can provide active guidance and personalized support to help teens with new and difficult concepts,

21st Century

Our custom material, techniques and approaches help students understand what they learn and develop the critical skills needed for the future.

Safety and

Our learning spaces are not publicly shared or searchable and no personal data is collected or sold. And no contact information is made visible to anyone.


Our highly experienced (in real classrooms) team of educators  is responsible for developing and delivering courses.


Our focus is solely on learning. We make it easy, fun, and rewarding to learn on Meemli and leave social networks to others.

Our Offerings


For Individual Students

For individual students, we offer courses for core topics in various formats – self-paced with teacher support or teacher-led sessions. Our experienced teachers develop the learning material and also provide the personalized support students need.

For Learning Organizations

Meemli’s online platform, learning resources and teachers can help schools and nonprofit learning organizations enhance the individualized support their students need in an effective, affordable and easy-to-manage way.

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What people are saying about Meemli

I’m loving the program! It is a great collaboration tool.

Teacher, High School

I used Meemli a lot and liked it a lot because it is ‘live’ but you didn’t have to see or meet up the person.  It is cool that (on Meemli) you can connect with your teachers and ask your question and they help you.

Student, Grade 8

I enjoyed learning the Meemli way a lot! The teacher was the best. I would definitely recommend Meemli.

Student, Grade 10

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