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Meemli (a 501c3 nonprofit) offers students accessible, high-quality academic support regardless of where they live or go to school.

With widespread school closures, we are sharing our online platform for learning wherever it could help – for free. We will post updates on our offerings on this site, but we’d be happy to chat and answer your questions anytime –  get in touch!

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Empowering Impact

What we do and how we do it by aligning our model and our mission.

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Ready For "Real" Essay Writing?

Check upper middle and high school essay writing fundamentals with this FREE quiz!

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Intro To Computing & Careers

This online program which includes guidance from trusted mentors, is FREE for middle-schoolers. Contact us for details. Contact us

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What people are saying about Meemli

I’m loving the program! It is a great collaboration tool.

Teacher, High School

I liked the program and the focused topics of sessions to address specific needs...the twins are definitely interested in doing courses in the future. The teachers were all excellent, thorough and patient.


It was a really cool experience. I thought just the idea of having a teacher-mentor over the internet was way awesome.

Student, Grade 10

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