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Meemli (a 501c3 nonprofit) uses its own online learning platform to offer all students safe, private, accessible, high-quality academic support.

To help more students at this time, Meemli is sharing its online platform for learning FOR FREE with qualifying school teachers and free educational programs. See picks below  or get in touch!

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Helping Educational Nonprofits

When your students can’t be onsite, or if you need more programming support, our safe remote-learning options could help.

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Remote Schooling Tool For Teachers

Eligible teachers can use our customized platform to add a richer learning experience to video calls and document management tools.

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Mentor Intro To Computing & Careers

This online program is FREE and perfect remote-learning for middle-schoolers as it includes 1-on-1 guidance from trusted mentors. Learn more

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What people are saying about Meemli

I enjoyed learning the Meemli way! The Thesis statement class helped me a lot because it had visuals that helped us get a better understanding on what were are learning about and also showed us like shortcuts to understanding a big idea.

Grade 9, High School

The college essay (program) is fantastic! I think this will be so helpful for students as they prepare their college applications.

High School Teacher, FL

The Thesis statement class was cool because it was a lot different than any other class i have ever taken and the teacher really explained things in great detail and we were able to ask any questions we had.

Grade 9, High School

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