About Us: Our Mission, What We Do And Why We Care

Learning is easier with a little help.

Meemli believes every child deserves to not only receive an education but enjoy the learning process, and good teachers and mentors can make that happen.

As a 501c3 nonprofit, Meemli is focused on education equity and uses technology to offer high quality guidance from trusted sources to students everywhere.

We wish for a world
“Where the mind is without fear,
And the head is held high
Where Knowledge is free”

(Rabindranath Tagore, circa 1900)


Our Mission

Meemli’s mission is to improve equity in education and make great learning experiences accessible to
all students, no matter where they live or where they go to school.


Why We Care

Education is a defining characteristic of the human race and gives us the means with which we can better ourselves.

A quality education is unfortunately not uniformly accessible to all so Meemli is focused on improving education equity.


Who We Are

Our team aims big and is dedicated to doing our best for the students we serve.
Founder/CEO Usha Sekar brings her extensive experience in leading teams to building solutions and her life-long passion for education equity to guiding Meemli. The Board, including Usha Sekar, has dedicated members all with a passion for education and experience with nonprofits: Beth Injasoulian, Monika Agarwal, Petere Pamela Miner and Usha Srinivasan. Our team includes Noël Young and Suzy Woodley, both experienced teachers driving our curriculum efforts while also providing outstanding learning experiences to students, Lloyd Joseph who expertly manages our learning platform, Charlotte Goldsberry on corporate and community outreach, Silvana Morgan on training and educational programs, Anurag Mishra and Mallika Ramamurthy on platform and operations support and Cheyanne Segura helping in program administration. We welcome others who are passionate about education equity to reach out to us anytime!


What We Do

To deliver on our mission, Meemli uses the power of technology to bring great learning experiences to students everywhere.


Help Individual Students Directly

Through our various online courses as well as individual guidance, individual students can get extra help from qualified teachers on specific subjects outside or school time.

Help Learning Organizations

Schools and nonprofits can leverage our resources and teachers to enhance and scale their academic support for their students.

Help Community Outreach Efforts

Anyone who wants to help the education cause can partner with Meemli to fund existing programs or create new ones in their local schools.


Meemli believes in providing personalized learning, a safe learning space, and high quality support.
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What people are saying about Meemli

I’m loving the program! It is a great collaboration tool.

Teacher, High School

The College Essay workshop provided me with the little things that I need to improve my essay, having an active voice. rearranging phrases to make my essay sound better. I would recommend this to my friends!

High School Senior, CA

I love all of the interactive pieces that scaffold the writing process in the essay courses.

High School Teacher, CA

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